Saturday, 11 April 2009

Executive Luke Staunton

Executive Luke Staunton Chess SetKing Height 3.75 inch. Base Diameter 1.6 inch. Triple Weighted 79g. Balance 20% Not called 'Executive' without reason. These chess pieces combine workmanship and style with a heavy weighting that creates a result that almost demands a seat on the board! And if you don't believe that then take a look at the Knights. They are all talking at once! Traditional Staunton, carved from solid Boxwood wood with an attention to detail often only seen in our luxury sets, the chess pieces proclaim 'class'. The dark chess pieces have been blackened to achieve their ebony appearance. While all pieces have their individual charm, it is the open mouthed Knights that draw the eye. If only we could hear what they are saying! Buy? Sell? Merge? The King is 3.75 inches with a 1.6 inch base

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